Romans 1:18-23 Our Reaction To God

We run.  When God shows up we turn tail and head for cover.  Simply living as human lets us know God is eternally powerful and by nature divine (as opposed to our less than divine nature).  These deductions scare us.  We want the power and the idea that someone else has not just power, but ultimate power we can never defeat, is humbling and irritating.  We love to believe we can control our own destiny, but God reminds us that our power cannot affect something as simple as the next roll of dice while His power can call the universe into being.

Seeing God is divine, that He is eternal and wholly good and always right brings to mind our won deficiencies in longevity, goodness, and accuracy.  So, rather than worship God as He is, it is much more comfortable to reduce God to god.  We pretend god is a statue or an animal spirit or the force.  I am not asking you to believe the Bible wholesale or take my word for it.  Look around and think about the world.  Look within and think about what you find in your own emotions and mind.  See if Paul describes what you know that you do not yet know.
Without Wax,
Dr. Dwight

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