Romans 1:13-17 The Center of Paul

Paul lets the Romans know that he has long desired to come and see them.  Being with them is one part of an ongoing desire to go all over the world telling every person of every ethnic group about Jesus.  Paul sees himself as obligated to do all he can to communicate the message of Christ’s forgiveness across every barrier of culture and geography.  The reason for his fervor is that that message declares freedom to the world.  Jesus saves anyone who wishes.  He saves us from a life without connection to God.  He saves us from an eternity after death of never being able to perceive God.  He saves us from ourselves by taking on every wrong we have ever done and paying for it with His own life.  So Paul is not ashamed to proclaim this truth despite being hunted, harmed, and imprisoned for speaking out.  Maybe if we more deeply appropriated the truth of Christ’s forgiveness we would be as bold as Paul in sharing all Jesus offers.
Without Wax,
Dr. Dwight

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