Romans 5:1-5 God Isn’t Punishing You

Our justification is by faith. We are right with God because we trust in Jesus. In this part of Romans, Paul emphasizes that the only way we get right with God is with Jesus. Our own obedience to a set of rules or laws doesn’t make us any more acceptable to God than we already are.

The easy interpretation of negative events for almost all of us is to assume that when something bad happens to us it’s because we’ve done something bad. We often believe that our mistakes, our sins, our deliberate attempt to selfishly promote ourselves or step on those that we dislike are bearing fruit. We are even quicker to assume that ill fortune in the live of others is equally self caused.

What this truth allows us is the ability to rest in the idea that God is not coming after us in the difficult times of life. These trials do not exist because He is mad, instead they are tribulations meant to grow us. Our pain helps us become the full grown people God wants us to be. It’s only in this perspective that we can rest and have security when we face the most difficult of times.

Without Wax,
Dr. Dwight

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