Romans 4:1-8 Being Justified Before God Apart From Being Good

So what about Abraham? He is important in this argument because God begins laying
out His choice to build the Jewish nation through Him, and Paul is writing to convince both Jews and Gentiles that the promises of Jesus are compatible with the Hebrew scriptures.

Abraham was considered right with God in Genesis 15.6, it says, “Then He(Abraham) believed the Lord and he(the Lord) credited it to him as righteousness.” Abraham becomes properly related to God, not by his obedience in going out to the promised land, nor is it by some special sacrifice or act of worship. God falls Abraham he will have a son and Abraham believes Him. This trust in God to do as He says establishes
Abe’s relationship with God.

Paul further explains that the way we become related to God today is by faith in the promise of Jesus. Just as God the Father promised Abraham a son; God the Son promises to pay for all our wrong deeds on the cross if only we will believe Him.

What Jesus offers is not that we can work off the karma of our evil deeds with
religious acts. Nor is it even by a clean slate of our past coupled with a strict
expectations about our future behavior. Jesus just offers to forgive all our wrongs,
writing them off like a bad mortgage without the hit to our credit. Doesn’t it make sense
to pursue that forgiveness?

Your Loving Pastor,
Dr Dwight