Romans 1:24-32 The Consequences of Rejecting Wisdom

This will be unpopular.  God tells us in this passage that our rejection of Him will result in being given over to the lusts of our hearts.  When we refuse the truth about God we end up embracing some lie about Him and that lie leads us astray into our own lusts (and not just the sexual kind).  Without the restraining work of God in our souls we are full of malice and covetousness, we fall prey to envy and maliciousness and deceit.  The list of evil attitudes and behaviors goes on and on.  Rejecting God cuts us off from his power in us to restrain not just our actions but our thoughts and hatreds.

Now for the really unpopular part.  In this passage God devotes a paragraph to the inclusion of homosexuality as one of the wrong actions on the list.  That is not to say it is the most important or “worst” thing mentioned, after all I’m pretty sure it is more important to avoid murder.  Yet it is there and there is no interpretive trick to remove it or redefine it into a neutral statement or an acceptance of homosexual activity as normative or right.  It is not that Christians hate those in homosexual lifestyles or are repulsed by non hetero-normative attitudes.

The issue is that we cannot get around what God has said, so when we talk about trying to stop what we are doing wrong and start serving God with our life, homosexual behavior will be in there with all the other sins.  We welcome and will love and will treat with dignity and affection anyone in any situation.  We really do love everyone regardless of orientation or any other issue.  In that same love we seek to help people grow spiritually using the Bible. That means God’s Word itself will be constantly putting pressure on any practicing homosexual or anyone who defends that the lifestyle is right to recognize it as wrong and repent, giving their sexual future into the hands of Jesus.

Without Wax,
Dr. Dwight