Titus 2:11-15 Why We Do Good

Why should we be godly or act righteously, or live sensibly?  Because Jesus has brought us salvation.  That means Jesus has rescued us from a fate worse than death.  The basic understanding of Christianity is that Jesus took the punishment we deserved for all we had done wrong.  That wrongdoing had broken our relationship with God in such a way that we were destined for an eternal life of torment without connection to Him.  Just as someone must pay to fix a broken window if it is to be restored, Jesus paid to fix our relationship with God so that we could be near to Him in this life and together with Him forever.  Titus understands that our obedience to God is not earning our way back to restored relationship, but gratitude for the work of Jesus to restore that relationship.  As Jesus gave Himself for us, we give ourselves to Him.
Without Wax,
Dr. Dwight