Daniel 7:26-28 But God Will Overcome

Following upon the heels of watching the fourth beast devastate and enslave the world Daniel’s vision shifts to a new scene.  The court in heaven sits serenely and plucks all power from this devastating world power.  The rulership that once belonged to the kings of this empire is transferred to Jesus and His people in one fell swoop.  The old empire is utterly destroyed and the new kingdom of Jesus goes on forever and ever, in harmonious obedience to God.  All it takes to wrest power from this ten headed beast is the decision by God that it is time to remove that power.

Daniel is shaken to his core by the vision.  Why?  After all, God and His people win.  There is a happy ending and everyone who died has an eternal destiny so they are not really gone forever.  I believe Daniel is shaken by how bad things will get before God steps in and ends it.  After being carried off from his home into captivity, enslavement, and eventual high position in the empires of the middle east at that time, Daniel thought he had seen ruthlessness, war, and abuse.  Apparently this last kingdom will take all these to incredible excess and terrify the world.  The overall message of the vision is about how the greatest powers of earth are still ruled by the power of God, in other places He tells us why He does not act immediately to right every wrong, but here we see that sometimes it gets much worse before it gets better.
Without Wax,
Dr. Dwight