Daniel 6:10-15 Kingship and Friendship

Daniel waits until the law is signed, then he goes and breaks it immediately.  He goes up to his room, as he does every day, Daniel opens his windows facing Jerusalem, as he does every day, and Daniel prays to God, as he does every day in plain sight and hearing of everyone.  Naturally the conspirators have been counting on this, and arranged to be nearby.  They arrest Daniel and confront the king.

Darius, despite his friendship with Daniel, has no alternatives.  he spends the entire day trying to work out some sort of a deal or compromise, but nothing can be done.  Daniel has violated the law about praying to someone other than the king.  The only punishment is being thrown into the lions’ den.

I like to think I would have the courage to immediately stand up and pray if prayer were forbidden.  It is sort of like the courage so many Christians show all over the world, choosing to worship Jesus despite active persecution by their government or their neighbors.  Could I stand in such a situation?  Or would I hide and keep secret devotion while going along to get along?  There is no way to know.  The more relevant question for me and so many others is not whether we would stand for Jesus if our lives were in danger, but whether we will stand for Jesus when our friends might mock our opinions or abandon us for them.

Without Wax,
Dr. Dwight