Daniel 5:13-17 Keep Your Gifts

Daniel appears before Belshazzar.  The king flatters him and let him know that he is expected to provide an answer to the writing and the hand.  The other wise men are publicly shamed as inadequate and their failure reiterated.  Belshazzar repeats his promise that whoever can explain this occurrence will have a fine robe, a gold necklace, and authority as third in charge of the empire.  No doubt to the king these seemed great inducements, but Daniel is not impressed.  He refuses the gifts and even encourages the king to give them to someone else, but he agrees to interpret what happened.

I think Daniel has been waiting for this day.  Nebuchadnezzar listened and eventually followed God, but his son has so put Daniel out of the way that he was not even called with the rest of the wise men.  We do not know whether Daniel was in some sort of forced retirement or kingly disfavor, we only know he was not present to do his job when it would have been expected.  I think Daniel was waiting for an opportunity to steer this king toward faith the way he once did Nebuchadnezzar, but the opportunity never came, the king never listened, and now, as we are about to find out, it is too late.
Without Wax,
Dr. Dwight