John 18:28-40 A Kingdom Not of This World

This week, as my facebook is lighting up with people either celebrating four more years of our President or mourning the future dismantling of America at his hands, I come to this passage.  Jesus is led before Pilate and asked if He is a king.  Jesus affirms He is king, but clarifies that His kingdom is not of this world.  The future hope of Christians, whether for Democratic Christians in 2000 or Republican Christians today, is the kingdom of God.  It a kingdom that transcends borders, races, languages, and distances.  Jesus welcomes everyone to know Him and trust Him, thus gaining entry to this kingdom.

I believe it was our responsibility as Christians to vote as we believed God wanted us to vote.  I believe what we do in this world matters and is important as a reflection of our character and because we each do have a real say in who gets into office.  Jesus does not call us to abandon or ignore this earthly world, He just points out that this world is not the domain He presently administrates.  One day He will come back and heaven and earth will be together as places where the will of God is always done.  Until then earth is in our human hands.  God calls us to do the best we can with the power we have.  Under Nero in the Rome of New Testament times it was only the power to pray for the government and endure faithfully under its persecution.  During the Civil War it was the power to elect a president who would remove the infamy of slavery from our nation.  Now we have the power to email, write, call, elect, meet, and lobby our various representatives in government.  Let us be grateful we in America have more influence than our forbearers in the early church, and let us ask God how to use that power in His service no matter who wins any particular election.
Without Wax,
Dr. Dwight