John 17:13-21 Jesus Prays for Us

We are all fed up with the world some of the time.  The sheer frustration of dealing with people and bureaucracy and world worrying problems like global warming and peace in the Middle East sometimes feels like it is all too much for anyone to think about.  When Jesus prays for us He does not pray that all these conflicts and problems be taken out of our life.  He prays that rather than taking us out of the world that God would keep us from the evil one in the midst of living in the world.  Christians are not some protected subgroup or special interest lobby creating our own special set of rights.  We are the ambassadors of God in the midst of a world that does not recognize His authority.  The great danger of this world is not that our rights will be trampled or our faith outlawed.  The great danger is that we will be seduced into settling for a life less than fully devoted to God.  It is that the Devil will mislead us and we will become content with just enough God to feel good about ourselves but not enough to actually do anything to reach others for Christ.  I know that the suspicion of persecution is frightening and it feels like those of us who hold a high view of the Bible are unfairly derided and accused of all sorts of evil attitudes.  All that makes it easy to fall into a defensive mindset, but that very defensiveness separates us from the people Jesus calls us to reach with the gospel.  May we worry less about protecting ourselves and more about how to reach across our disagreements with the message of forgiveness.
Without Wax,
Dr. Dwight