John 10:22-40 Jesus And Clear Claims

Jesus is asked by the religious leaders to tell them clearly if He is the Messiah.  Jesus replies that He has told them, but they refuse to believe.  His miracles are not enough to convince the skeptical, they attribute them to the devil rather than God.  Jesus then speaks about those who do believe.  They know Him, know His voice because they belong to Him.  Then He makes a big promise.  Those who have faith in Him have been given to Him by God the Father.  Both He and the Father are holding them in their hands and no one can snatch the one who believes out of those hands.  This is one of the key verses about the security of one who has trusted in Christ.  Once we give ourselves to God we cannot be removed, even through our own loss of faith.  The promise to hold on is all on the side of God, not a duty for human effort.  God knows we will suffer times of doubt and difficulty in our walk with Him.  He reassures us that such moments do not imperil our ability to spend forever with Him or distract Him from loving us.

Jesus then makes the statement that He and the Father are one.  The crowd clearly understands His meaning and picks up stones to kill Him.  Jesus implores them to believe His miracles as evidence that God is working through Him even if they do not want to believe in His words.  The crowd refuses and we are given no specifics as to how Jesus eludes the crowd, only that He does.  I suppose we usually think of it as Jesus walking through the crowd in some stately manner and them being so in awe that they just can’t bear to start throwing stones.  The Bible is not very specific, for all we know Peter created a distraction and Jesus ran for all He was worth with the crowd hot behind Him.  In any case, Jesus clearly claimed, in terms folks around Him understood, that He is God the Son and equal with God the Father.
Without Wax,
Dr. Dwight