John 9:35-41 The Object of Worship

In this short six verses there are a number of major concepts all pressed together.  Jesus finds the man He healed and asks him if he believes in the Son of Man.  The formerly blind man is so eager to embrace this new idea he asks, not who the Son of Man is, but, “who is He so that I may believe in Him.”  Those folks who have experienced Christ’s life changing power do not hem and haw about following Him.  The content of belief, at that time, appears to be trust in the person of Jesus as Lord, as the messiah and as God.

It seems the understanding of Jesus as God was a part of the belief because directly after the man states his belief, he falls down and worships Jesus.  No Jew is going to worship a man.  There is no tradition of holy prophets who accepted worship or believed themselves divine in Jewish tradition or culture.  In fact the mark of a prophet is that his or her words came from God to them, not that they spoke authoritatively on their own.  Just imagine one person bowing down and worshipping another or how you would react if someone started worshipping you, instead of the discomfort we would feel Jesus accepts the worship as His due.

When we are tempted to diminish Jesus, to see Him as only friend and comforter, may we remember He is also God and worthy of our worship not just our admiration.
Without Wax,
Dr. Dwight