1 Peter 1:6-9 The Temporal Result of Eternal Inheritance

Because we know we are going to heaven we can endure life.  Some might think the prospect of a perfect forever with God would encourage Christians to mass suicide, but it doesn’t.  Peter writes that the hope of an eternity with God gives us the strength to endure suffering in our current life.

Such suffering now reveals the power of God in our life.  He enables us to live in love and react with graciousness in the midst of serious pain and problems.  When we focus on all God will give us we see better what He is giving us now, in the midst of our trials.  We can even find joy and peace in the worst of our suffering as we let the love of God fill our souls.  i know that sounds mystical and a little strange, but I have seen it  time and again.  People who love God have endured awful things with peace and joy in situations where I’m sure I could not.

Without Wax,

Dr. Dwight