Titus 3:12-15 What The Bible Is

The Bible is full of all sorts of literature.  There is history and poetry and sayings of the wise.  There are even philosophical essays.  This part of the Bible is a letter from Paul, a missionary church planter, to Titus, the guy who organized the churches in Crete once they were planted.  After the teaching and advice about the church, Paul changes the subject.  He shares his traveling plans and asks Titus to come meet him in the city of Nicopolis.  Paul lets Titus know a couple of Christian teachers will be coming to Crete and instructs him to help them on their way in ministry.  Paul even tells Titus that everyone back home says, “Hi.”

God uses ordinary human communication to transmit His will to us.  Some people object to the Bible, saying it is only written by men.  Does that mean God cannot work through people?  Some say the Bible is written in human language so it cannot really tell us what God wants.  Does God not know how to communicate effectively in our language?  Is how we speak and write somehow beyond Him?  If He is limited in His ability to communicate clearly or fully by the filter of using language to speak with us, would He not be just as limited by the capacity of our minds to understand what He wanted to communicate?  I think the limit of understanding is in ourselves not God’s perfect use of our human language.

Without Wax,

Dr. Dwight