Daniel 12 The End Of The World

The angel speaking to Daniel changes gears and begins talking about the end of the world.  Throughout this chapter there are references to sealing up the revelation Daniel has received.  The only details communicated are a sort of general resurrection at the end of time and the triumph of God over the world.

When Daniel asks about the timing of this event he receives two separate answers.  One is couched as time, times and half a time.  Which can mean about anything related to three and a half in any numerical deviation.  Understandably he reports hearing the answer but not understanding.  So Daniel asks again and a second answer is provided.  This one is related to when the daily sacrifice is abolished in the Jewish temple.  It involves days around the number of days for three and a half years or so.  From where I sit, that answer is hardly more informative than the first answer.  Immediately following that interaction Daniel is told to mind his own business and hope in the end times resurrection.

Historically, the temple sacrifice was stopped once under Antiochus Epiphanes during the Seleucid period of Israel, then restarted upon their successful revolution.  It stopped again when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem in retaliation for a revolt.  As we all know, it has been more than three and a half years after that event.  Am I saying that this prophecy is unfulfilled or wrong?  No, I am saying that smug theories that assure us their proponents have fully interpreted the signs and prophecies, are arrogant and usually foolish.  God is deliberately vague about the when of an end to time.  Let’s worry less about pinpointing a date and more about living the way God desires right to the end.
Without Wax,
Dr. Dwight